The purpose of this test is to assess your potential for passing aptitude and qualification tests to join the U.S. Armed Forces. You will be presented with ten questions from four (4) sections, each designed to measure your knowledge in a number of subjects, to include the following. You will not be timed. Upon completion of the test please notify your recruiter.

  1. Paragraph Comprehension
  2. Word Knowledge
  3. Arithmetic Reasoning
  4. Math Knowledge

Exam Complete

Please inform your recruiter that you have completed this test. Do not leave this page until your recruiter has reviewed your results.

Results Per Section:

Section % Correct Raw Score Standard Score
Paragraph Comprehension
Word Knowledge
Arithmetic Reasoning
Math Knowledge
Electronics Info
Mechanical Comprehension
Auto Info
Shop Info
General Science

Estimated Composite "MAGE" Scores:


Armed Forces Qualification Test (AFQT) Scores:

AFQT Score Type Result
Standard Score
AFQT Category

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